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At Genowin Technologies we are comitted to our valuable customers.

Our services can be availed at competitive price. We provide full Linux solution.

# Consultancy

We do provide Linux/UNIX man power, as per Industries requirement.

# Linux Consultancy & Linux Support for UNIX based operating systems, ranging from LAMP server installation & migration to planning and deploying fully redundant load balanced cloud solutions.

  1. We Offering Linux Consultancy for a number of distributions including Redhat RHEL, SUSE, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, UNIX.
  2. We provide skilled Open Source / Linux resources for deployment or Linux based development.
  3. We provide on-site, off-site based services for our clients with cost effective charges.
  4. We even advice products suitable for client environment & project implementation.

#Linux Support

We do take Linux/UNIX support and out source it.Initially focusing on the Internet Service Provider market, building large-scale web and e-mail clusters, We have expanded to meet the needs of companies both large and small in a wide variety of sectors, from engineering to logistics, from NGOs to educational providers.

#Linux Web Hosting

We do provide Linux Web Hosting in affordable price.

Its cheap & the best (0.001% downtime).

#Linux Server Development.

  1. Mail Server
  2. Proxy Server
  3. SVN Server
  4. Linux Server Migration
  5. Linux Web Hosting
  6. DNS
  7. MySQL Daemon
  8. PostgreSQL Demon
  9. FTP Demon
  10. SSH Demon
  11. POP3
  12. SMTP

# Services

#Mail Server

  1. User Security
  2. Mail Backup
  3. User by Mail Backup
  4. Mail Aliases
  5. Mail Forwarding
  6. Auto Responder
  7. Spam Filtering
  8. Blacklist Domain & White list Domain

#Linux Server Migration

Linux is adopted wide range of IT & non IT companies.Because of their user friendly & security enhanced feature. We do provide wide range of Window to Linux Migration with more feature and facilities.Migration Component

  1. Windows NT to Linux Server
  2. MS Desktop to Linux Desktop
  3. Solaris to Linux Migration
  4. Windows AD to Samba

#Proxy Server

  1. IP base proxy
  2. User authentication proxy
  3. Report generate by user by surfing
  4. IP base masquerading

#File Server/Samba Server


  1. Managed by iptables rules
  2. Port forwarding
  3. Redirecting blocking


  1. Remote Control Protocols
  2. Apache

#Web Server

  1. Tomcat
  2. Port forwarding
  3. Redirecting blocking

#Gateway Solutions

#Security Audits / Security Solutions

Linux-Project Support- We do provide wide range of Support for the student doing College/Company Projects/Assingments. We have a team of highly qualified support staff who are available 24*7, to take care of our support services to the clients worldwide